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“After nineteen years of marriage, I realized I was not happy with how our marriage had become, we became just parents. After I became forty nine years young, I decided I did not want to live this empty life any longer. I asked my husband if would be willing to take a marriage class and he agreed. Although a little reluctant because we had taken many throughout the years, we realized that a marriage also needs maintenance just like our vehicles. That was the best thing that we could have done for our marriage and our children. Allen and Angela began to send us the marriage minutes which also contributed to the restoration of our marriage. I can happily say that we are more IN LOVE now than we have ever been. It is so possible to restore your marriage. If we could anyone can. We thank our God almighty for our Church and Victorious Marriage for their love, support and transparency.”

--Cesar and Irene


“In these days when divorce is the fate of a majority of American marriages, Fight for Your Marriage provides a welcome voice crying in the wilderness. Angela and Allen of Victorious Marriage have written this book in a warm, personal and easily applied manner. It is short and to the point, loaded with valuable insights and candid illustrations from their own journey through the joys and agonies of Christian married life. In the battle to preserve their marriage, they surpassed the zero line of just surviving and have taken their marriage into a thriving and joyful union of man and woman expressing together the image of God. It's an easy read that, if applied, can change not just your life and your marriage, but the destiny of your children and the fate of our nation. That being said, it should be noted that it is impossible to live the Christian life in our own strength. Help us, Holy Spirit!”

--Charles Stock
Senior Pastor, Life Center Ministries

Harrisburg, PA

“Victorious Marriage is the real deal. In a world where marriages come "a dime a dozen" it is encouraging to see one that is not only surviving but thriving. Allen and Angela have discovered the keys to a victorious marriage and are now sharing their God-given insights with others around the country. As leaders, they model Christ as they serve with willing and compassionate hearts. They lead by word andaction, which is where it really counts. In addition to helping strengthen marriages, they also invest their time and energy to help other ministries as well. At our request, Allen wrote two articles, which are currently featured in the latest issue of PLM's Newsletter. Now, that speaks volumes of the kind of character they possess. It is not all about them, but it is about the Kingdom. They are a blessing, and I am glad to call them friend.”

--Lori Ann Stancil, Founder and Director
Practical Living Ministries (PLM) 
West Haven, CT.

“Victorious Marriage has been and continues to be an immeasurable blessing to my wife and I. We were a relatively newlywed couple who had a really rough first year together due to various issues. You could say our marriage was "on the rocks," so to speak. We didn't want to give up, but at the same time we didn't know what to do. So while we were seeking marital guidance, Victorious Marriage found us. What a blessing!
Not only has VM helped our relationship through their many resources such as Marriage Minutes and their book "Fight for Your Marriage", but Allen and Angela Blackston have been the personification of their very own teachings. I guess one could say that they practice what they preach. The impartation of wisdom and commitment that we received, coupled with the tangibility of the Blackstons as a couple who genuinely loves one another proved to be a solid combination for effective ministry.
They have helped us go from a "marriage on the rocks" to placing our marriage on "The Rock". All I can say now is, fight for your marriage!”
Life Changing Faith Christian Fellowship of Frisco Texas recently held a 2- day Triumphant Marriage Enrichment Seminar and during the critical Friday evening opening session of our weekend seminar we experienced the fantastic ministry of Victorious Marriage. They were able to captivate the audience after a full dinner.
Minister Allen and Angela Blackston were a truly a blessing to us.  They were exceptionally easy to work with. They provided biblical instruction, God’s love and real world   application for today’s marriages during the sold out event.  They understood how we wanted to impact marriages with the seminar and   they delivered accordingly. Their ministry changes lives, improves marriages and impacts families.   We could not have been more pleased with Victorious Marriage Ministry.   
May God continue to bless you in your ministry. 

--Minister James and Pamela Matthis

“My wife and I have been blessed and encouraged by Allen and Angela's Marriage Coaching, that has strengthened our marriage and family ties. They saw some things we did not see, and said some things that brought much encouragement and strength to our marriage.
We thank God for them as they allow God to use them to advance His Kingdom by His Spirit, and His Word.

If your marriage is going through some hard times or you just need a 'tune up', allow God to speak to you through this awesome and Godly couple. You will be blessed and encouraged and strengthened in Christ.
Allen and Angela, we thank you; Grace, Peace, Love to you both.”

--P.J. & Vesta Rogers
Lancaster, TX


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